It’s Time to Boycott Apple

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apple ban Its Time to Boycott Apple

Apple’s war against Samsung to be the only relevant provider of Smartphones is heating up. On August 24, a nine-member jury decided Samsung infringed on six of Apple’s technology patents, and awarded Apple around $1 Billion in damages. This was a huge blow against Samsung, as now they not only have to pay the damages, but now in the eyes of the court and the world they are guilty of patent infringement. Apple claims Samsung copied many of the iPhone’s features, especially the look and feel of the device. Apple, however was not finished. They next decided to sue Samsung, with the aim of banning eight of Samsung’s phones from the US Market. The phones included are: Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 AT&T model, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile model, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. One would think this would be enough for Apple, however one would be wrong. Now, Apple wants to also ban the Galaxy S III and its special Verizon edition; Galaxy Note; Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet; and the Galaxy S II in both its basic and carrier-independent forms.

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Google Drive: Syncing TrueCrypt Containers

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Google Drive Logo Google Drive: Syncing TrueCrypt Containers

Google Drive is a great way to store tons of different kinds of files in the cloud. It is good for business as files are stored online and are accessible from any computer anywhere. While this is great, it can lead to security violations. Sometimes there is sensitive information you do not want anyone to read. The best method is to encrypt these files so only someone with a valid password can access them. There is where TrueCrypt comes in. TrueCrypt allows you to create a container, i.e. a special folder, where you can store any type of file. TrueCrypt seals this folder and encrypts it so a password is required to access. Google Drive allows you to upload TrueCrypt files to their system, however without some tinkering, you will run into a problem.
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Google Drive: Launch Day Review

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Google Drive Logo Google Drive: Launch Day Review

Google Drive launched today, marking Google’s entry into the cloud. With Google Drive, users can now upload anything they want and access from PC’s, Tablets and Smart phones. The question is, how does Google Drive compare with Dropbox and other alternatives? With more services with free storage available, there are many options for those who want to store files in the cloud. While the product is new, and has not been tested extensively, this review will give you an idea as to the features in Google Drive.
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NTSB Recommends Banning Cell Phones with Driving Nationwide

Posted: December 13, 2011 at 5:32 pm by
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ntsb logo tag NTSB Recommends Banning Cell Phones with Driving Nationwide

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended banning the use of all cell phones while driving, save those used for emergency purposes. This was recommended during a board meeting on December 13th, 2011. This recommendation is for all drivers nationwide, and also calls for the video surveillance of commercial drivers to make sure they are not talking or texting while driving. While it cannot be argued texting or talking while driving is unsafe, the question remains if we need to make a law regulating our activities behind the wheel. The recommendation does not specify what the use of a cell phone is, or what this does or does not include.
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PayPal Scam Exposed

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paypal icon PayPal Scam Exposed

PayPal at one time was a great service for customers and sellers to use for their eBay purchases. It was fast, convenient, and easy to set up. I have used PayPal myself to purchase items from eBay, and enjoyed the experience. However, if you are a seller on eBay and with to use PayPal, you need to be aware of feature within PayPal called Rolling Reserve, which will hold 30% of your transaction revenue for up to 90 days. As any business would agree, having your funds limited for this length of time would cripple, and in the end, destroy your business. PayPal’s excuse? It is for your own protection.

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HP Touchpad Sale: 12-11-11 at 6:00 PM EST: Great Christmas Gift

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touchpad HP Touchpad Sale: 12 11 11 at 6:00 PM EST: Great Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a low cost Tablet PC, look to purchase an HP Touchpad Sunday evening at 6:00 PM EST at HP’s eBay Store. Due to the demise of the Touchpad, HP has decided to discontinue production, and is looking to get rid of it’s stock of Touchpads. HP had great success with the previous sale, and is looking for a repeat performance this time around. Two models will be available: the 16GB for $99.00 and the 32GB for $149.99 (I suggest the 32 GB as it will hold twice the content). Only two per customer will be allowed, however be ready for eBay to become slow and possibly crash due to the demand of this sale.

Do Note, these units are refurbished, with only a 90 day warranty. There will most likely be no updates to the software, as HP has decided to discontinue the Touchpad, so it will be up to the user to update and most likely hack the unit with future features. If you or someone you know is into the modding scene, a Touchpad is a great investment.

In addition, HP will offer bundle containing a case, wireless keyboard and charging dock for $79.00. As Christmas is right around the corner, a Touchpad is a great gift. I plan to purchase one, if I can.

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uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

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utorrentlogo uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

uTorrent is a wonderful program for downloading files quickly and easily. However, sometimes when you are dealing with very large files (10+ gigs), uTorrent will give a Disk Overload 100% error, and shut down your connection. When this occurs, uTorrent cuts your download rate to around 10k per second, and will prevent uploading. This is because when dealing with a large file, the disk cache runs out, causing uTorrent to limit your connection until your disk cache is no longer full. There is an easy solution for this that will prevent this error from occurring.
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The Psychology of Farmville

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farmville The Psychology of Farmville

According to FOX 61 in Tennessee, councilman Dimitar Kerin was voted out of his position for playing Farmville during meetings. He argued other members on the council played Farmville as well, so much so he had to play during meetings to match them. In the UK, a 12 year-old boy racked up £905 in FarmVille debt. During the period between Jun 19th and July 9th, an average of 63.3 million users played Farmville, making Farmville the most played online game in the world. What makes Farmville so addictive? How can a simple flash based game cause someone to loose their jobs, or spend hundreds of dollars?
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BP Oil Leak – Stopped? Can We Believe Them?

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oil clear1 BP Oil Leak   Stopped? Can We Believe Them?

BP Claims today of finally capping the Oil leak, 85 days from the beginning of the disaster. A new cap was set in place, which appears to be working to finally stop the devastating oil gusher. The question is: will this work long term, or are we being fooled yet again?
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The Gimp: Adding Python Support in Windows

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python The Gimp: Adding Python Support in Windows

Photoshop is one of the best tools around for creating high quality images. However, most cannot afford $700.00 to purchase Photoshop. With Ubuntu Linux becoming more popular, alternatives for Photoshop are becoming important. Enter The Gimp, one of the best Alternatives for Photoshop. Not only is The Gimp free, but you can install it in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. While The Gimp is powerful, it does not contain all the tools Photoshop users are familiar with, especially Layer Effects. To gain many of the features of Photoshop, you need to install plug-ins. Many plug-ins require Python, a programming language, to be installed as well. While this is not an easy task, this guide will instruct you on how you can add Python Support into Gimp.
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