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This is my professional site for my Psychotherapy and Internet Addiction Practice. I provide therapy services for adults, children and couples. I specialize in Internet Addiction and related disorders such as Online Sex Addiction, Online Gaming Addiction, Online Gambling and Social Media Addiction. I am insight based, where I get to the cause of the addiction, then change thoughts and behaviors while promoting healthy alternatives.

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GRSITES.COM provides website art including backgrounds, buttons and textures. This site makes it easy to create professional looking buttons and textures you can use on a website. All services are free, and can be used for private or public use. Some of the textures used in come from

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PSDGRAPHICS.COM provides website graphics for web developers. The site offers backgrounds, Photoshop PSD files, tutorials and templates to use on public or private websites. Some of the backgrounds used in come from

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Peter is a collection of the works of up the novelist, Peter Driskell. He currently has a novel, Photograph of a Dead Man, for sale on Lulu,, and Mobipoket. In addition, Peter is working on two other novels, one due out in Christmas in 2009. Visit Peter for poetry, political commentary, and his novels.

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Forward Technology, a partner of, is a new site which focuses on technology news and information. Forward Technology includes information on product reviews, current technological events, and what is current within the realm of technology.

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